“How is Meditation Counseling Used at Actual Social Welfare Sites? – Based on Experiences and Cases of Meditation Counseling at Actual Welfare Sites –” is locked How is Meditation Counseling Used at Actual Social Welfare Sites? – Based on Experiences and Cases of Meditation Counseling at Actual Welfare Sites –

명상상담은 사회복지현장에서 어떻게 활용되고 있는가? - 복지현장에서 명상상담 경험과 사례를 토대로 -

How is Meditation Counseling Used at Actual Social Welfare Sites? - Based on Experiences and Cases of Meditation Counseling at Actual Welfare Sites -

Head of Geochang-gun Resting Place for Life ․ Director of Wise Mind, Meditation-based Psychological Counseling Center

거창군삶의쉼터(노인,여성,장애인복지관) 관장 ․ 지혜로운마음명상심리상담센터 센터장1

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This study, made on cases of meditation counseling among welfare center workers and the elderly, the disabled, conducted research on experiences and cases of how meditation counseling was used at actual sites. For over three years, the study organized and operated individual and group counseling for eight session programs, focused on three minute breathing and meditation counseling. Results: Satisfaction level of workers in welfare organizations turned out high. While, organization's atmosphere became gentler, with the organization as a whole having more vitality. Depression, sense of loss, fear on death of the elderly were diminished along with less amnesia. Meditation counseling reduced exhaustion and stress of related workers and brought forth vitality and wellbeing to the lives of the elderly and the disabled, and so it can be considered to be beneficial to a diverse range of people involved in social welfare.


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