Counseling Cases Using Personality Types of Enneagram

Counseling Cases Using Personality Types of Enneagram

에니어그램 성격유형을 활용한 상담 사례

명상상담 평생교육원
Meditation Counseling Continuing Education



Purpose : While studying at the Enneagram master's course, I came to know that everyone has his or her own distinct personality and may be mentally hurt from the stress coming out of conflict of such distinction and fall out each other. At this point, I came to know the importance of personality. By selecting my husband as one of clients though it's a special relationship, I sought to learn of the personality type of the husband and check whether there were any problems coming from stress and help him get out of current agonies caused by obsession by my listening and sympathizing and pursue true happiness. Methods : In totally six sessions, the study, using the book "Behavior Characteristics of Enneagram and Meditation Counselling", sought to identify the problems directly through specific examples of exploring interpersonal relationship, experiencing the childhood, self-concept & obsession, personality dynamics. Results : Through specific cases, the interviewee was able to find how he himself thought and what emotions and desires caused certain behaviors as well as problems rising from them. In doing so, the interviewee could learn that those thoughts, emotions and desires restrained him and was able to unmask himself by knowing that those were not true self and eventually find true himself. Conclusion : We tend to waste energy uselessly, while always struggling to live in the face of problems coming from ceaseless thoughts, emotions and conflicts. Many of these often come from our own personality. Each personality type has strong and weak points and distinct features, and so when we recognize and accept the personalities of others may be different from mine, we can reduce stress occurring frequently in our daily lives and find true happiness. These findings are the outcomes of the meditation that I learned at Seonwon. I would like to extend my deep gratitude to Priest Inkyeong for awakening me to the wisdom of knowing myself and others via meditation as well as other students who shared valuable time of being together.



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