A Case of Relieving Stress and Improvement of Relationship with Spouse by Enneagram Program

A Case of Relieving Stress and Improvement of Relationship with Spouse by Enneagram Program

에니어그램을 활용한 스트레스해소와 배우자와의 관계 개선사례

명상심리상담교육원 2급과정
Meditation Counselling Continuing Education



Purpose: Recently, the number of middle-aged men who suffer from lethargy and depression is increasing. Especially, a majority of men in fifties, who have been working around thirty years, consider that their lethargic or fatigued states come from stress. Therefore, this study uses Enneagram Integration Program to bring the change of their lives. Methods: This study uses the six-session Enneagram meditation counselling strategy suggested in Enneagram Behavior Characteristic and Meditation Counselling Strategy(Inkyung, 2016). In particular, the client underlined sentences that he thought ‘it is me.’ among behavior characteristics by Enneagram personality types. Psychological schema test was also done. Results: The client established mindfulness and himself realized his own personality effectively through underlining Enneagram personality types and psychological schema test. Moreover, by understanding various types of personalities, the possibility of improving interpersonal relationship is shown. Conclusion: Enneagram is an effective way that makes people find themselves from their lives and relieve stress. This study is conducted on a person in fifties who is involved in the issues about lethargy and stress. Meditation counselling was run with proposed steps, then the client established mindfulness, developed self-knowledge, and knew his own personalities. Finally, his interpersonal relationship is getting better, thus he could get rid of stress and torpor. Using the same strategy, this study expects that people of all ages can control their thoughts and emotions through continuous mindfulness. Then, it can help people to solve problems coming from themselves and stress.



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